Harrison Station

LOCATION: Harrison, NY

OWNER: MTA / Metro-North Railroad (MNR)

START DATE: 03/1999

END DATE: 10/2002

Sowinski Sullivan, who was asked to join this project four months into the schedule, completed the Final Design for the station on time and within budget. The scope included replacing the station building and overpass; upgrading and replacing the canopy and stairs; and replacing existing handrails. Critical considerations included the careful attention required to interface with the existing prestressed platforms and 1970s-era canopy structures. The overpass is glass enclosed, which followed the Mt. Vernon and Botanic Garden Station approach of single pick spans that speed construction and limit interface with the active rail operations. Because the historic overpass was demolished, the project required significant interface with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). Sowinski Sullivan negotiated and worked with the SHPO to limit the mitigation requirements that Metro-North Railroad would need to implement.