Mount Vernon East Transportation Center

LOCATION: Mount Vernon, NY

OWNER: MTA / Metro-North Railroad (MNR)

START DATE: 06/1997

END DATE: 01/2001

Sowinski Sullivan was the architect on a team of consultants that designed a new intermodal transportation center at the Mount Vernon Train Station. The project was especially challenging because of existing site constraints. The station is bounded by a steep rock grade along most of the inbound platform that makes the platform accessible only on the east and west ends. Sowinski Sullivan proposed landscape improvements that provided a good rate of visual impact relative to initial investment at the east end of the platform. At the west end of the complex, along the existing pedestrian route to downtown Mount Vernon, Sowinski Sullivan developed intermodal connection facilities for both taxi and bus were developed. The station makes a strong civic gesture towards the community, forming a critical link as a part of the city’s redevelopment efforts for the downtown. A new pedestrian overpass extends from the station across the railroad right of way parallel to the existing street grid, but on an oblique angle to the tracks. This configuration allows the bridge to land on the outbound side of the station as close to the center of the parking facility as possible, while responding to the urban fabric of the existing street grid. This project was honored by the Westchester County AIA for its urban design and architecture.