LOCATION: Middletown, PA

OWNER: PennDOT / Amtrak

START DATE: 03/2014

END DATE: 01/2022

Sowinski Sullivan led the architectural design for the Amtrak Middletown Station and adjacent Pedestrian Overpass over SR230. Sowinski Sullivan is also assisting in the construction phase services for the new station, which will replace the existing low-level station with a 500-foot long high-level island platform and overpass connection to the adjacent station parking lot. The platform includes canopies, wind shelters, stairs, elevators, Amtrak signage, and standard Amtrak platform amenities. A covered bike storage and a utility building are provided adjacent to the station parking. An additional pedestrian overpass was originally planned but was removed from the final design scope. The overpass was planned to connect the station to the Penn State Harrisburg Campus on the north side of SR230. The combination of the station, pedestrian overpass, and extension of the local street infrastructure provides new opportunities for the downtown and the borough as a whole.