Canalside Station


OWNER: Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA)

START DATE: 03/2018

END DATE: ongoing

Sowinski Sullivan (SSA) is providing architectural design services for the NFTA Canalside Station project to 100% design. The scope of work for this project includes rehabilitation the existing rail station for the inbound and outbound tracks. The new station design will include modernized canopies and updated passenger amenities at each of the two existing mini-high platforms. State-of-good repair work to ensure the safety of the existing mini-high platforms will be executed. The new station will also include a climate control area at the outbound platform.

The proposed upgrades to NFTA Canalside Station will be designed to combine the passenger needs and the station context relationships, to be user centric, reinforce and unify the NFTA Metro system, and are both highly practical and maintainable. With the revitalization of the Canalside District the existing station has been the terminal for the LRT system. The station will no longer be a terminal station with a double crossover as the new DL&W station will become the terminal. ADA access is provided from the lead car of the NFTA train when it aligns with the mini-high platform. The station canopies will utilize the existing platforms to provide ADA access, and have a minimal appearance influenced by the revitalization of Canalside district. The development of Lower Main Street project will be integrated into the new station design.