OWNER: MTA / New York City Transit (NYCT)

START DATE: 02/2016

END DATE: ongoing

Sowinski Sullivan is the architect, on the Program Facilitator team with Arup and Grimshaw, responsible for the preliminary design at 33 stations across all five boroughs, including elevated, below-grade, and open-cut stations. The project is focused on improving the customer experience, supporting the continued responsibility of providing a state of good repair in stations, and developing of underlying station aesthetics through construction and design innovation. This project is being released in eight design-build and one design-bid-build delivery contract packages, covering all five boroughs of New York City.

The project goals are to facilitate the swift design, procurement, and construction of the 33 stations and to implement the enhancements and upgrades using an alternative approach. Conventionally, station renovation and refurbishment has taken a long time because contractors have limited access to stations only during night and/or weekend shutdowns. The program aims to provide each package contractor multiple stations, with bypass of service, allowing full access to complete construction within a more aggressive time period. This approach will more effectively meet the project goals while limiting the disruption for users.

The guiding design principles are to optimize reliability and efficiency, simplify communication, enhance the user experience, unify the system, highlight unique station characteristics, and connect the station and the city. MTA Arts & Design artwork will also be an integral component of the stations.